Thursday, July 1, 2010

Will i continue to blog

Hello every one we are almost at the end of this class, for me writing our paper is one of the hardest thing for me, blogging is fun but i do not think i will be doing it after this class, because i do not have the time to blog , the work i do is very hard i work a 12 hour shift a day and i have class online. I have learn so much in this class about my computer thing i did not know how to do such as blogging and many more other things, that is why i am in school so i can learn i am very great full for every thing i have learn so far, i enjoyed talking with my class mate on it was fun but i cannot continue after this class, maybe one day when i can fine the time, good luck to every one on their paper.

Janet Jones

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  1. Janet - I've learned a lot about computers in both blogging, and in teaching for Kaplan! It can be a challenge to find the time to do everything.