Thursday, May 27, 2010

on line education

I was so hard for me to go back to school , i have try the class room but that dose not work for me because of my job and my hours of work, i fine it more convenient to do on line school and so far this is working for me. There are so much things i have learn while do on line programs i learn more about computers and their function and the different programs i could fine and how to fined them, this blog is one of them i do not know any thing about blog until i started this class i am still try to learn how to blog and how to follow other blogs which i have not done so far.

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  1. Janet I so agree with you online is the best way to go. My first term I ate, drank, and slept school and work. Three classes was just way to much. Getting up at three a.m. not getting to bed until late. But I could study when I wanted and it was easier when my son was sleeping. Second term I took three classes again, but it seemed a little easiser. Maybe because I sort of knew what I was doing and what was expected of me. This term only two classes and it is so nice, only one less credit, but it is much less stressful on both me and my son. Who knew that you could do all the things with a computer? Software class was so fun and I learned what all those little squares were used for in microsoft word, excel, and office. I am not expert yet but at least I have an idea how to make charts, slides, and even put pictures on a paper.
    Have a Great Weekend!!!